Google bans resale of Glass

Google Glass
Google Glass promotional image.

Users who sell or loan their early editions of Google Glass could get their units deactivated says Google. The $1,500 wearable computer which are being sent out to developers and people who were chosen from Google’s ‘if I had Glass campaign’. Recently the a glass unit went up for auction on the popular auction site Ebay for $90,000, since this has came to Googles attention that people who were giving the opportunity to use them are instead trying to make a quick couple thousand.

The terms of service for Google Glass clearly state that “you must not loan, resell, transfer or give your glass to any other person. If you resell, loan or transfer your glass to another person without the authorisation of Google, we retain the right to deactivate the product. Neither you or the unauthorised person will be entitle to product support, warranty or a refund”.

This move by Google shows that just buying media or a device from a company doesn’t mean you’re in total control of the device the company since has the power to render the product useless, Google will losen their grip on the contractual agreement of the device when the final retail version are released. It it just because developers and others in possession of the early release models are taking advantage of their exclusivity, it would be absurd for Google to deactivate your Glass just because you let a friend try them on.

The devices are slowly being delivered to those of you who have pre-ordered them, but they are not available for sale to the general public now. In an email from Google to the winners of the ‘If I had Glass’ competition and developers they said that “the hardware and software are ready for you guys, we are seeing the first units roll off of the production line right now”.

Google's Sergey Brin wearing Google Glass
Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google wearing Glass.

The tech specs of the device were released a while ago and Glass has an all day battery, a 5 megapixel camera and built in wifi, I would like to see wireless internet built in because you just can’t guarantee that you’re going to be connected via wifi.

The 5mp camera will also be able to shoot video in 720p quality, audio will use bone conduction instead of the traditional headphones – which I think is an interesting move. The device will come with 16GB of storage and 12GB will be allocated for storing video, photos and apps, yes Google Glass will have apps; Google is encouraging developers to write apps for the technology and branding them ‘Glassware’.

The initial terms and condition for developers ban them from charging for the apps and displaying ads in the apps, which begs the question – Is it worth developing for Google Glass- this could be a move that allows Google to provide the advertising themselves.

While other companies are rumoured to have entered the fray of the wearable technology market, most have opted for the watch, whereas Google has went straight for eye wear so that when you’re wearing them the people around you know that you’re wearing a Google product. Is this a clever marketing strategy or a happy coincidence.

There are privacy concerns that go along with this particular piece of wearable technology; one bar in Palo alto has already banned their customers from wearing Glass on the premises. At $1,500 a pair this is one fashion craze that might take just a little bit longer to take off, but if Glass reaches iPhone success and popularity then Google already has a monopoly on the market and it will be extremely hard to take just a small percentage away from them in wearable technology sector.

Source – The Telegraph

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