Google Bans apps from the Android app Store that Automatically Update Themselves


Google has put a ban in place on all apps in the Android Play store that try to work there way around relying on the user to update there apps by including automatic updaters in the app itself. All updates from now on will come from the Play store or not at all, which shows how strongly Google feel about this issue.

The ban on the apps that have an automatic updater in the software only applies to the apps that are in the Google Play Store, the user could install the same apps from a third party source and they will not be effected by this ban; they then open their device up for any malware or viruses that the app may be hiding.

Even Facebook has been effected by the ban 

The issue on not allowing automatic updaters presented itself to Android users last month when users who had the Facebook app installed were pestered by the apps notifications to download the update, beeping and vibration was given off by the phone telling the user to update the app. This will become very annoying after a while and may cause people to download from third party sources more often.

The thinking behind the ban on automatic updaters is to reduce the risk of malicious software finding its way on to your device, an app could pass all of the test to become part of the Play store but then release an update that add some nasty viruses. Other common unsavory updates that Google are trying to stop include the app gaining access to private photo’s, text messages and possible bank details.

What can be done

Apps that have automatic updaters will have to update the way they go about getting users to update the app if they want to retain their spot in the Google Play store. This will become a farce for developers especially for those apps in development that need to adjust their code to fit the new Google guidelines, but Google is focusing on keeping their users safe from malicious software and viruses.

Since Android is open source software for mobile device manufactures it makes sense that Google offer some protection at least, since it seems that everyone and their grandmother have smartphones these days it is only logical to offer a basic level of protection. The ban does effect the smaller developers more who don’t necessarily have the resources to fix there auto update system as quickly as other apps and that may stifle there download figures.

Source – Mashable


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