Google acquires Wavii for $30 million


Google and Apple have been in a battle to try and acquire Wavii, the natural language processing startup. This comes just off the back of a recent acquisition by Yahoo for UK based startup Summly, for a similar amount.

The Seattle-based startup comes with twenty-five employees and is run by Adrian Aoun – they will all be moving to Google’s Knowledge Graph Division in the coming weeks, as the deal is settled.

We believe Google will look to add more summarised information to the Google Knowledge sidebar searches and may add the natural language processing to other aspects of their services.

Apple was hunting for this company to add to the Siri division, the algorithms could give Siri better information and summarisation of articles. Currently Siri only displays sports scores and still searches the web for articles relating to a topic, instead of displaying information directly.

Cupertino may want to make Siri a news dispenser. We thought this was what Google was going with Wavii. Google Now is still in need of work and the company is looking at ways to implement Now into everyday life.

The official price was not released but it is for an amount just over $30 million, the same amount Yahoo gave Summly. This does bring up a problem with Yahoo’s acquisition price, considering Google gains a good 25 employees and the technology for the same amount as Yahoo paid for the technology and a small team with small experience in computer science.

However, Google may be in a better situation to stagnate the acquisition price. With Yahoo dropping in popularity and revenue, they need these new mobile companies to help change the face of the company, and will probably pay more than Google for them.

Source: TechCrunch