Funny or Die Set to Release a Film Loosely Based on Jobs


Funny or Die, the website founded and supported by actor Will Ferrell, is coming out with its first 60-75-minute feature based on the life Apple founder, the late Steve Jobs.

Called the iSteve, I am not sure you want to take this film seriously. By far the longest project done by the website, which is famous for its short video clips, this feature takes a spin on the legendary and almost untouchable image and reputation that Jobs left the tech world with when he died of pancreatic cancer in 2011.

Justin Long, quite famous for his comedic roles and for being Drew Barrymore’s ex-beau, will play the role of Apple’s legendary founder. This is an interesting choice for the film’s writers and producers since Long also famously portrayed “Mac” in the Mac vs. PC ad campaign that the Cupertino company ran for a number of years.

Ryan Perez, who wrote and directed iSteve, also has an interesting explanation of why Jobs was apparently ridiculed in the film. He said that in “true Internet fashion,” the film was based on everything written about Jobs on his Wikipedia page. Now, if you’ll browse his page, you will notice how Jobs was portrayed as the tech God, the guru, the Zen Master and Mr. Miyagi of smartphones and tablets. There is simply no flaws with this man based on Internet searches.

Perez might be getting a little too brave in making fun of Steve Jobs, but producer Allison Hord said that even the most Apple fanatic tech guy will be able to laugh at the movie.

It’s not an attack on Jobs, per se. Who would like to attack the man that gave us the iPod, iPhone, Mac and the iPad? The film is actually a satire of how the Internet and the general public perceive him.

The trailer of the film gives much perspective on how this will play out in the end. Words flashed across the screen. Words such as genius, anti-establishment, guru, revolutionary and rebel, among others, were used to describe this man in the film. But if you are hoping to know more about Jobs and less about the people that put him on a pedestal, then you might want to wait around for the Ashton Kutcher or the Aaron Sorkin flick that are based on Jobs’ life and works.

Of course, if it’s his life or work you’re after, you can just read the numerous official and unofficial biographies written about the man who redefined technology.

iSteve’s script was written in just three days and it was filmed in just five days. If you are expecting something that will blow your mind away or something that will scandalize every Apple fan out there, then you should skip this film.

In the end, this film doesn’t attempt to find out more about the enigmatic and the brilliant mind of Steve Jobs. It’s an attempt to be the first ever “almost” full-length flick about the guy who brought technology a notch higher. It’s supposed to be funny and satirical, so expect laughter and not awe-inspiring genius to appear on screen.

Resources: MacRumors and TechCrunch

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