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Fully Unlocked Windows Phone Gets Notification Center App

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Windows Phone Hacker has created a Notification Center app for Windows Phone again, thanks to Jaxbot. However, it should be noted that this is much different than the one he has created before.

His last Notification Center app relied on an Internet server and a service. He was able to make it past the certification and it was offered in the marketplace on its release.

Unlike the old one, the new app possesses the signature work of Windows Phone Hacker and it works only for fully unlocked Windows Phone. One neat feature of the app is that it installs a service running on the device itself without the need to access the Internet. If you have incoming toast it will put it in the cache until you can access it.

What the App Does

For a better picture of what the Notifications Center app for Windows Phone is capable of, here are the details released by Jaxbot, its creator:

1. Works On Push Notifications

The app stores the push notifications sent to your phone. For instance, if you get mentioned in social networking sites like Twitter but you missed it, it will appear in the alerts of the app.

2. Does Not Work On Non-Push Notifications

It lacks support for non-push messages though like missed calls, SMS, emails and others.

3. Needs a Fully Unlocked Windows Phone

The Notification Center operates through your Windows Phone. Thus, it has to be fully unlocked. That means it should not only be able to run file with .xap extension names but also programs in .exe format.

The Setup

The setup of the Notification Center app for Windows Phone is not that complicated. Here is the procedure to complete it:

1. Test

This is optional but important. If you want to see if the Notification Center app works on your unlocked Windows Phone, install the Simple Push program. It will enable you to send a quick toast to your phone. If it works, you can now proceed to the next step.

2. Download

Download the app at GitHub and the supporting file called ncrroot1.xap.

3. Install

Click the executable file which should get you to the setup wizard. Choose the option to install and select “Agree” on the disclaimer.

4. Reboot

To complete the installation, you will be forced to boot your device. So, just do it to finish the process.

Support From The Developer

According to Jaxbot, the app is a hit or miss for EXE unlocking tools. That means it may work on some Android devices and it may not work on others. But based on Surur’s report on WMPoweruser, it works on a fully unlocked Windows Phone (with emphasis on the phrase “fully unlocked”).

Due to the uncertainty of the app with some unlocked devices, Jaxbot stated that he will not be providing support for the Notification Center this time.


Although the Notification Center app for Windows Phone has been tested and proven by a lot of people based on the comments on the Windows Phone Hacker website, it is not guaranteed to produce the same to your device. In addition, take note that the apps provided by Jaxbot are not covered by warranty. It is actually in the disclaimer, just in case you have the time to read the long text there.

Sources: Windows Phone Hacker and WMPoweruser

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