Mystery Fujitsu FJDEV001 Phone Spotted Breaking the 25,000 Points Barrier in AnTuTu

Fujitsu is not exactly a name with a solid reputation in the Android décor (mostly because the Japanese have only released a handful of gadgets with Android so far), but the company is definitely making great strides.

Hot on the heels of the Full HD water-resistant Arrows Tab, which might well be the best tablet no one has ever heard of, Fujitsu is reportedly prepping an equally as impressive phone. This doesn’t have a market name yet, but it has been spotted in an AnTuTu benchmark going by the FJDEV001 moniker.

Fujitsu benchmark

Also known as the F-06E, or “Canoe”, the handheld seems to run Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and is powered by a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor. Those are top-tier specs by any standards these days, but they’re not exactly never before seen features.

So why are we telling you about this FJDEV001 then? The answer lies in the AnTuTu result posted by the phone – 25,458 points. That’s not a world record, but it’s pretty darn close to one, being the third ever result we’ve seen so far.

The first two? The two different versions of Samsung Galaxy S4, one that apparently scores over 27,000 points and the other that barely beats Fujitsu’s gadget to the punch, with roughly 26,000.

And here’s the kicker – the Snapdragon-based GS4 has been seen scoring in the low 25,000s in other tests, so there’s a possibility the FJDEV001 will turn out to be even zippier than that once it’s released. And that’s despite packing a lower-clocked CPU (1.7 vs 1.9 GHz).

In any case, chances are this new monster will be the world’s second fastest smartphone, given the HTC One scores no more than 24,500 points in AnTuTu, whereas Sony’s Xperia Z barely reaches the 21,000 mark. Of course, the AnTuTu test is not conclusive for a phone’s overall real-life speed, but it’s a decent marker for theoretical memory and CPU performance.

So the Fujitsu FJDEV001 will come with Android 4.2 and a blazing fast Snapdragon 600 processor. What else? Well, it’s hard to say. Based on a Picasa listing, the phone will also feature a 12 MP rear-facing camera.

Unfortunately, that’s all we “know” of the fellow’s specs, although we can obviously speculate a few other things. For instance, it would be a terrible shame if Fujitsu wouldn’t equip this thing with a Full HD panel. Preferably one measuring at least 5 inches in diagonal.

Features like 2 GB of RAM, expandable memory and a water-proof body are definitely in the cards too, whereas we can only hope the battery will be hefty enough to handle all that speed. In short, we expect exciting things from the Fujitsu phone, but now the question is will the thing hit the West too or remain a Japan-exclusive device, like most of the company’s existing offerings.

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