Fujitsu creates a new touch interface that can detect the fingertips of an individual!

Fujitsu is a company dedicated to innovation and hardcore technology way ahead of Apple, Samsung, Sony and other companies battling it out to deliver the best smart phone or phablet. Fujitsu has channelized its capabilities and efforts in another direction – To come up with way technology can aid mankind in everyday tasks and events. The company recently revealed technology in which a device could monitor a person’s blood pressure in five seconds by reading the individual’s face. A remarkable achievement with a huge medical impact!

fuji2The Japanese company has now come with a touch interface for real world objects with a multitude of capabilities. The interface can differentiate between objects on a surface, like a tablet and the position of a user’s fingers until the outlines of the fingertip. The control system can also scan text from a book by the user swiping the line over the page they are reading. The interface is brilliantly designed and takes a completely natural approach to identifying objects. This is achieved through a multi-camera feature that allows the interface to interact with real-world objects. The entire system works great when a projector is used in conjunction with the interface. The image overlay from the projector allows users to control both the real-world object interface and the digital object.

Thought this technology is outstanding, there is still a question of what kind of implications it has for the daily users and how it can impact the world, especially in areas like scanning text when the world is all set to go wireless. The company is expecting to release their product incorporating this technology sometime in 2014.

SOURCE: Engadget

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