Free AVG anti-virus hits 70 million downloads on Android

AVG Android

For all the iPhone users, this may seem a little odd that an anti-virus software company has made a mobile app. Unlike Apple, with strict review policies and almost no viruses or malware of any kind, Android is a hub for problems.

Google is currently trying to make the mobile operating system more secure, their malware detector, Google Bouncer, keeps most threats out. The company is also employing more purges to make sure their store is not cluttered with crap apps.

AVG’s security influence

AVG has worked on Android the same way it works on Windows, many get the free version of the service and some opt for the premium version to keep more advanced bugs off the service.

The security company has gained a lot of market share on Windows with its free anti-virus software and this 70 million app mark shows they are very popular on Android.

Instead of keeping its back turned on mobile, it has embraced the problems and worked to make an application that is easy to use and  free. The company may not make much profit from the free app, but they show real dominance on Android.

Android malware growth

As the platform continues to surge in users, so does the malicious content being added. Malware is by far the biggest problem on Android and we have seen millions of cases.

The most recent malware virus hitting Android is BadNews, stored on 32 apps. The malware currently takes the users serial and phone number and stores it in servers.

Hackers were able to add the malware to an update for the apps without Google Bouncer noticing and it could have attacked over nine million Android users.

A solution may be close, Google may close Android and license the operating system. This will allow Google to add stricter control over apps and make sure malware doesn’t infect the system.

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