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Foxconn currently recruiting larger workforce for iPhone 5S production


The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are reporting Foxconn is on a new hunt for workers, in preparation for the iPhone 5S production. The company has had a recruitment halt since February, and is just starting to take on new workers.

The Zhengzhou plant will be the main area of production for the iPhone 5S, located in Eastern China. The plant employees 250,000 and 300,000 workers and has been adding 10,000 assembly line workers per week, to fill the order.

The upcoming iPhone 5S has apparently been a huge order for the Chinese manufacturer, and Apple has made Foxconn boost their production on other older models of the iPhone, following the success of the iPhone 4 and 4S in emerging markets.

Foxconn has denied this is the reason behind the new workforce, saying they will continue to expand to meet the demand from various clients. The Chinese manufacturers largest client is Apple, however Amazon and Microsoft both work in partnership with Foxconn.

Foxconn executives have been less quiet about the ordeal, claiming the move to employ more workers is due to the mass-production of the new iPhone. The company is getting ready for the big few months ahead.

The start of production will begin in the second quarter this year, for a summer release. The iPhone 5S could also be joined by the iPhone Mini, or whatever they decide to call the low cost iPhone for developing markets.

March was a bad month for both Foxconn and Apple, with lower production and Apple’s stock dropping, both companies are feeling the heat from competitors.

Foxconn is prepared to meet the huge demand, if they are doing two smartphones for Apple at one time it may take more than one plant and possibly more than one manufacturer.

iPad Mini sales are said to be blossoming as well, Apple may be reviving this line to fit in time with the iPhone 5S release. This is all just speculation, but we know an iPhone is coming before September.

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