First Facebook Phone Review: HTC First

htc2If you are one of those who simply love to bury the face behind the screens and be connected to your friends then undoubtedly the arrival of the new ‘HTC First’, the first Facebook Phone is surely a new found joy. The phone is however expected to be launched on AT&T with a price tag of $99 from April, 12, 2013.

The cute looking 4.3 inch screened phone is extremely lightweight with wonderful soft edges and a warm touch. Besides the amazing finish of the slightly curvy 720p and 341 PPI sharp bright screen slowly blending in with the bezel of its plastic casing gives it a more sophisticated look. Moreover the phone is much fun due to its LTE connectivity, NFC compatibility, and tailored Android Jelly Bean 4.1 OS that runs fluidly with Facebook. And not only that, the phone also feature a 5 MP rear facing camera. But these are not the real specialties of ‘HTC First’. The real forte of this impressive piece from HTC is that its ‘Facebook Home’ is even better than the downloadable version of Home which is available for other smartphones.

Experience the new home-screen of ‘HTC First’ that can display all the information that you need from your latest Facebook notification to e-mail alerts, fresh tweets to weather forecasts or even calendar events. For the chat freaks, here you have the wonderful Chat Heads that appears like a bubble floating across the screen with the image of a friend waiting to chat. Just tap into the bubble and a the surprising chat thread will open as an overlay on whatever application is on, allowing the user to do multi tasking without the need to minimize this, close that etc. A great phone within the mid-range and the first of its kind, ‘HTC First’ is surely to find love for the phone amongst the teenagers.

SOURCE: Tech Crunch

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