Firefox to block third-party cookies for safer browsing

fire2Mozilla has announced that future release of the Firefox browser for both Android and desktop platforms will block third-party cookies. In addition, the browser on both platforms will feature several improvements in the configuration department. Most of these will be under the hood and will not affect the look and feel of the browser, but are aimed at memory, speed and rendering parameters.

Firefox 22 or Aurora, released last week has taken a leaf out of Apple’s book and blocked third party cookies by default. Apple’s Safari was the only other browser to have done so till date. The move is aimed at improving security while the user browses the web since many third-party companies track online activity. The browser blocks cookies by default but has an option to disable this feature even though it strongly recommends that users stick with the default.

Other Firefox 22 enhancements include faster loading times, efficient memory management, automatic word wrapping of plain-text files that the browser displays to users and support for HTML 5. Aurora enhancements for Android are centered on code changes to offer better WebGL rendering performance via an asynchronous canvas update and a new Web Notifications API.

Unlike Firefox, Google has no immediate plans to block third party cookies but there is a good chance that Microsoft will. The company has always focused on user security and the latest release of Internet Explorer, IE9, has a built-in tracking protection list options as well as Do Not Track header option enabled by default.

Third-party services will have to soon devise a new way to track user online activity with most desktop and mobile browsers toughening the stand on the cookie feature.


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