Feedly adds 3 million new users and releases new mobile app

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Ever since Google broke the news that it is going to discontinue supporting Google Reader, Feedly has been getting a lot of new users, including me, and that is only because the service is just awesome. There are so many customization you can play with, it is more visual than Google Reader, and feature rich. But the void left by Google Reader would be difficult to fill by any other service, no matter what. Anyway, coming back to the topic, Feedly has announced that it has release a new and update mobile app today.

The main focus in this new update has been on increasing the ease of searching for articles with the new search and discovery engine, more visually pleasing user interface, and better sharing options. The new search engine with in the app is now a lot more powerful, which can tap into almost 50 million feeds to find the article that you are looking for. Feedly claims “No other news reader comes even close to offering this breadth of choice.” There is also something called smart topic completion which “automatically updates your search with feeds that are relevant to what you’re looking for.”

There is a new “Must Reads” section which will be filled with articles or feeds which you have marked as must read. Also, like in most other apps, you can now pull down the list from the top to refresh the feeds list. And just like on the website, you can set a title only view in the app so that you can go through the list of feeds easily. And since Feedly is replacing a Google service, it has added one click sharing to Google+, which is really awesome. But there are options to share to other networks as well which include Twitter, Facebook, email, Pocket, Buffer and more. There are many more new features in the app, which you can download from here.

And with the announcement of the update to its mobile app, the company has also announced that it has added 3 million new users since Google announced about its termination of Google Reader.

Source: Talk Android

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