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Fake iPhone parts swapped for real ones

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The Tech Web recently posted a report which makes you doubt your iPhone. Is that a real iPhone that you are holding in your hands? Or is it a fake smart phone with iPhone and Apple logos all over it and with the price tag of an original iPhone? Well, you may say this is ridiculous, but read the complete story.

It was recently discovered that an independent Apple Store in China was selling iPhones with fake parts in them, and also that it was fooling Apple, the Cupertino based iPhone market, by sending fake iPhone parts for replacement. The company did not even recognise these spare parts which it got from the Chinese store and simply sent back original parts.

Later on, after a few months, when the company did actually look into the spare parts sent to it, it realized that these were fake parts which were manufactured with so much precision and quality that they looked like genuine Apple spare parts even to Apple. After this, the Cupertino tech giant conducted a thorough investigation.

The investigation proved one store engineer and several other store employees to be guilty, and they were then arrested. The issue is resolved in that store for now. There is no idea how many iPhones have been returned from that store with duplicate parts inside them. And there is even no idea how many third party Apple Store around the world are doing this.

It is better to go and buy branded devices from the respective official stores, even if you have to pay a few extra bucks. You will at least have the confidence that you are getting the real thing, and not some cheap knockout with the body of the real thing.

Source: TUAW

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