Facebook Announces Increased sign ups from Newly Acquired Service Parse

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Parse is the newest accolade in Facebook’s arsenal of acquisitions, Parse specialises in supplying the backed infrastructure for mobile apps. Parse is a service for developers to use that takes care of all of the back end data instead of each developer having to set up their own back end data infrastructure.

Parse CEO Ilya Suhkar said that signups for the service increased by more than 9 times it’s original rate, in spite of developers claiming that they would now leave the service after its Facebook acquisition. The developers are afraid that Facebook will start to spy on there users data, but the company released a statement saying that they had no intentions to change they way Parse app data is used.

Other pessimistic claims from the 60,000 loyal developers have been about Facebook degrading the service and trying to push its own social integration on the developers to use. Other platforms have been editing their service so they can pick up the developers that refuse to working with a service that is owned by Facebook, StackMob is one of these services primed to take on developers.


StackMob has even went so far as to build a special importer tools so the transition between Parse and StackMob is as painless as possible. Facebook is taking the approach to become more developer friendly, this has become increasingly evident over the past year.

The acquisition of Parse shows that they are determined not to be held back in their plans to become a hub for developers. What Facebook is saying on the topic of the app data is that it has no intention to pry into the private data from the apps and it won’t be using the data collected to inspire their own product development in any way.

Facebook needs to keep to its word if it wants to run Parse successfully with its user base of 60,000 developers. Facebook plans to change the service slightly by adding some features such as a way to sell ads, and the addition of a distribution vector for it’s identity and sharing integration.

Source – TechCrunch

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