Facebook removes 34 jobs listing from its “positions open” list

Patent wars are something very common these days. Companies want to make money off of every possible situation they get, and they want to do it right. We have seen the lot of smart phone manufacturers fighting for their share of the patents and not letting others do the same. And it is the same with websites and software as well. But today, we are going to talk about two websites. There is one website which lets you maintain an online diary. You can write what you did or are planning to do every day on a daily basis. You can then share it with people if you want. And if people like your story, they can digitally like it by hitting the “like” button. All this in the form of a book. Now, does that sound familiar to you? If you are thinking of the world’s biggest and the most popular social networking site, Facebook, then you are totally and absolutely…, well, correct in a way. This was Surfbook about a decade ago. The founder of the Surfbook service was a Dutch programmer named Joannes Jozef Everardus van Der Meer. It is being said that this is the man who invented the like button. And this person is going to sue Facebook over that. But wait, Van Der Meer is dead. Yes, Van Der Meer passed away in 2004, when Facebook was still in its infancy. And Van Der Meer was awarded patents for his Surfbook in 1988, which may contain the like button as well. And these patents are with a patent holding company called Rembrandt Social Media. You can now connect the dots. Rembrandt Social Media is suing Facebook over the like button and the company says that Facebook "bears a remarkable resemblance, both in terms of its functionality and technical implementation, to the personal web page diary that Van Der Meer had invented years earlier.” Van Der Meer’s widow, the rest of the family, and his colleagues are going to testify.

Facebook has a good number of positions open in its company, and this week, 34 of those job listings have been removed from the company’s website. This could mean that the company has either filled all those positions, or that the company does not need those any more. But the former seems more likely. And also, Emily White has been hired by Instagram as the Director of Operations. Emily White was the Director of Mobile Partnerships at Facebook. The list of jobs removed from the Facebook website is as given below.

  • Revenue Forecasting Analyst (Menlo Park)
  • Payroll Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Commercial Counsel – Inbound (Menlo Park)
  • Data Editor (Menlo Park)
  • Product Manager, Growth/Engagement/Mobile (Menlo Park)
  • Product Manager, Platform (Menlo Park)
  • Software Engineer, Security Tools (London – Menlo Park)
  • Associate Quantitative Researcher (Menlo Park)
  • UX Researcher (Seattle)
  • UX Researcher (Menlo Park)
  • Systems Administrator, Security (Menlo Park)
  • Business Strategist, Creative Solutions (Menlo Park)
  • Creative Strategist (Menlo Park)
  • Internet Marketing Manager (Menlo Park)
  • Internet Marketing Analyst (Menlo Park)
  • Head of Global Small Business Marketing Communications (Menlo Park)
  • Head of Operations, Global Marketing Solutions (Hyderabad)
  • Analyst, User Operations, Korean (Dublin)
  • Senior Data Reporting Analyst, User Operations (Dublin)
  • Account Manager, Finance (New York)
  • Account Manager, Mobile (New York)
  • Account Manager, Travel (Menlo Park)
  • Strategic Partner Development – Entertainment/Music (Mexico City – Miami)
  • Media Solutions (Tokyo)
  • Team Lead, Media Solutions (Mumbai)
  • SMB Analyst, Pages (Austin, TX) (Austin)
  • SMB Regional Manager, EMEA (Dublin)
  • Agency Client Partner (London)
  • Country Manager, France (Paris)
  • Account Manager Japan (Tokyo)
  • Client Partner Gaming (Singapore)
  • Client Partner Japan (Tokyo)
  • Client Partner, Entertainment (New York)
  • Manager, Product Analytics (Menlo Park)

We can see that even though most of these jobs were at the company’s Melno Park campus, the company has hired (guessing again) a good amount of employees over seas, and this could only mean that the company is doing very good still in terms of profits.

Source: Inside Facebook

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