Facebook offers new feature to allow users to chat with certain friends

fb2Facebook is on a spree to completely redo its interface by offering users a number of new features and updates. The social network has been on a massive revamping course since the beginning of this year in a bid to prevent users from moving to newer networks. The current largest social network is now offering a new feature to users to allow them to chat with certain friends and not others. This tutorial teaches you how to enable the feature so you can chat with friends you want to without being disturbed by others.

Step1: Login to Facebook from your browser. The process is easier from your laptop or PC than with a mobile app but is still possible with the latter. Download the desktop version of Facebook from your app store.
Step2: Once logged in, move to the chat box in the bottom-right area of the home page. You will see a Settings cog. Open up Settings and click the Advanced Settings option.
Step 3: Update your online status and then choose the members of your friends list who will be able to see that status. You can add friends to each kind of chat status that is available on the Advanced page. Three options are available – Turn on chat for all friends except… , Turn on chat only for some friends… and Turn off chat. Facebook’s auto-complete feature takes care of the friends you choose. Once you begin typing a name, the auto-fill completes the name.
Once you complete these steps, you can chat with friends of your choosing while being invisible to others.


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