Facebook offering users a Universal Status Update feature

Facebook users have experienced a sea of changes in the last few weeks on the social network. The latest tweak in the User Interface is the new Universal Status Update feature similar to the one Twitter sports on its network, allowing users to update their status from within any page from Facebook and not necessarily from the Home page or the Timeline page.

st2The “Post on Your Timeline” button is available on every profile on the top-right hand corner of the blue Facebook bar. It is pencil shaped and appears even if the user profile is not accessible to the Graph Search feature yet, another big change Facebook brought to the table last month. Even if a user is in a friend’s page or a company profile, they can still upload their status or picture by simply clicking the pencil that opens up the status box we’ve seen on the home page, “What’s on your mind?”. Interestingly, non- Graph Search users have been part of the new feature testing. There is no news yet about how user profile that have been granted access to Graph Search will use this new button since it is placed right next to the Profile button, where Graph Search is placed.

This is not the first time Facebook is lifting features from rival Twitter. Recently, Facebook adopted the hashtag feature popular in Twitter to group conversations by converting the tag into a link.

The new update is a minor one, still very useful to all users allowing them to change their status from anywhere within the network. Few adjustments are in order to work with the Graph Search feature.


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