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Facebook might have acquired Osmeta

Osmeta's product pic

Along with the Facebook Home announcement which was made last week, Facebook might have just picked up a company on the way, and the company we are talking is called Osmeta. Osmeta is a startup in the Mountain View area which was founded back in August, 2011. The company has around 17 employees and was founded by some of the best engineers in the technology world, who have their roots in companies such as Google, Facebook, VMWare, IBM, and Yahoo. The company has not yet released a product to the public yet. And after this acquisition, or at least what it looks like, the company may not be making its product public after all.

The company’s name is made up of two words, OS and Meta. OS stands for Operating System, and the Meta word signifies that it is something very important, and the product does sound like it. According to reports, the company has been working on a product, a software core, which would sit on any platform available today (almost any platform), and then simulate another platform on top of it. And this will then help you run the same core on top of any of the underlying hardware and platform.

“‘Osmeta’ – a reference to ‘meta operating system’ — potentially a virtualization technology that allows you to run the same ‘core functionality’ on top of any (potentially mobile) hardware?”

Amit Kumar, CEO of e-commerce app platform Lexity, who gave the information above, also says:

“What if Facebook decided that, strategically, they need Facebook Home to transcend every mobile device – not just Android. Perhaps what Osmeta has built so far lets them spread Facebook Home across this fragmented device ecosystem, quickly, in a scalable fashion, and achieve a consistent, Facebook-centered experience, across all devices?”

There have been no official words from the social networking company yet. And if any, we will keep you updated.

Source: Tech Crunch

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