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Facebook Messenger On Android Receives Chat Heads Update

FacebookFacebook felt to be huge bliss when first mobile app for it was launched; Facebook in your hands 24×7, but same old Facebook is old stuff now, isn’t it?

Well, it never is old at all, as Facebook team never lets it be old by keeping a close eye on what its users want. Yes, you are getting it; Facebook is here with another surprise to make your device convert to a proper phone. Here’s the catch, Facebook have released their “chat head” as an update to their already hugely available Facebook messenger on android.

Thinking what it does? It turns your life into heaven by simply popping a notification comprising Facebook message you received as an overlay onto your android OS. Heaven is what it makes your life become, you know how? No matter where you are roaming in your device, there would only be a pic corresponding to some text for you. You just need to read it in place of many button presses, swipes and typing, that’s what we call top notch time saving strategy.

You know what’s even better?  If you are busy with way more considerable priorities and don’t want that chat head notification to be there, just grab it with your finger on the screen then push it out from your view and you’ll be all done, no more long tiring processes to reach that far away chat bar, it’s at your fingertips now, life cannot be more easier than that nowadays.

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