Facebook Messenger Android App Updated With Stickers

FBSince the last few years, the application store of Android has been flooded with numerous new applications. Now, Android has something for everyone. Whether you’re an engineer, a student, a doctor or otherwise, you can download some of the most useful applications from the Google Play store and utilize them accordingly. The Facebook messenger application has been one of the most popularly used applications until now.

Well, to add to its popularity, a new feature is now available. Yes, the feature that we are referring to is the availability of ‘Stickers’. Stickers are basically large and funny emoticons that one can send to different people. They are used quite a lot because of the ease and convenience through which you can express a particular emotion. For example, you can use the ‘Sad’ sticker to convey that you’re unhappy about something or the ‘Big teeth’ sticker to convey your excitement.

Just a few days back android users were looking for ways to download smileys on their android devices but looks like the management of facebook messenger noted the requirement and acted accordingly. In order to have access to these stickers, all you need to do is update your messenger from the Google play store.

So there is no need to go through any other hassle. The use is simple. Just open up a chat box once you have upgraded your messenger, tap on the smiley which is there on the right hand side, select the sticker you want to send and hit send. It must be understood however, that these stickers are meant for the FB messenger and not for SMS. Because this feature is relatively new, there is a possibility that certain bugs and errors are still present.


Source: Ubergizmo

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