Facebook Home Suffering From Poor Google Play Reviews

When Facebook made the official announcement regarding their latest app called Facebook Home a lot of people were curious and interested in getting it on their devices. Last Friday the app was finally made available over at Google Play for US based Android users. Those who were able to test out the new app were generally disappointed with it though.

Facebook home

Out of the 3,710 reviews made by different individuals regarding the app 1,747 of gave it a one star rating. That’s the rating given by nearly half of those who reviewed the app. The other scores show that 660 gave it five stars, 347 gave it four stars, 415 gave it three stars and 541 gave it two stars.

So what are the people’s complaints about this app? Let’s check on some of the comments given by those who rate the app as one star.

  • User1 – Not an intuitive app. Made my phone so frustratingly complicated to use that I uninstalled after just four or five hours. Unless major changes are made including an easy way to get to my home screen I will not reinstall.
  • User 2 -Cool way to use facebook, but with no support for my other widgets, it limits my phone. If I wanted a single company to take over my homescreen appearance, I could use an iphone.
  • User 3 – It won’t let you launch the app without clearing your preference for a home screen, the app doesn’t have customizable shortcuts for the main screen, adding apps to the app screen is lame. Just getting to the phone app to make a call takes too many clicks. It’s a phone first people. Needs a lot of work. The app needs to help a phone be more functional and integrated, not take away from the flexibility that android provides.
  • User 4 – Tried this on my Samsung Galaxy S3 and it was fine for posting comments and liking things on Facebook, but other than that it’s worthless. Hides most of the default apps when you go to App tray, hard to find where to post a new status to FB from. Still requires the FB app so it will still add that additional battery drain. All in all, should have had more testing before release.

One factor that we can point out contributing to this frustration is that people may think that Facebook Home is just like any ordinary app when in fact it is a launcher. The company needs to better inform the public on what it really is

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3 Replies to “Facebook Home Suffering From Poor Google Play Reviews”

  1. well said, this launcher is for the iPhone crowd that need to be told what to do and say.

  2. I think it’s pretty evident in the comments and can be intuited pretty readily that the app takes over people’s phones.

    Its also mining it for all of your data as well.

    I don’t see what the big mystery is nor to do I quite understand the faux quizzical nature of the author’s query.

  3. How many people who have Android phones and are apt to write an app review are going to like anything that Facebook puts out in 2013?

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