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Facebook home screenshots leaked

Facebook Home leaked screenshot

Facebook is supposed to release the new Facebook Home app for Android today, which is going to be a dedicated home screen on Android smart phones, and the default one as well, which has nothing but Facebook on it. As soon as you unlock your smart phone, you are supposed to get this new Facebook Home home screen showing you all the updates from the social network you love so much. The rumor is that the social networking company will be unveiling this new app on an HTC smart phone today to being with and will then release it for other Android smart phones as well.

And late last night there have been some leaks of this new Facebook Home app, just the screenshots. This screenshot, which you can see above, shows how the Facebook Home home screen will look on an Android smart phone. The home screen clearly looks very clean and minimalistic, which is something that we as users have started liking on our smart devices these days.

And by the looks of it, the app will feature the new Facebook News Feed user interface. This new user interface has not yet reached everyone in the world who are on Facebook. Anyway, the app, even though a Facebook app, looks to be a product of Google. Again, this is because of its resemblance to the Google+ app for Android, with the circular profile picture and the use of images all over the app, and more.

I feel like the Facebook team has worked with the Android team in the designing of this new home screen, after all, this is going to be the default home screen from now on, I guess. But there are a lot of people who would not entertain the idea of this, including me. I want the apps which I use most to be displayed on my home screen when I unlock my smart phone, not read about people on a web service.

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