Facebook Home reviews on the PlayStore release

The much anticipated new interface for Android, Facebook Home has finally arrived for download on the Android app store, Google Play. Home is a suite of features and services rather than a regular app but has nevertheless been featured on the app store and is being swallowed up by a huge number of users since its launch.

fb2Home offers users access to Chat Heads and News Feed options from the home screen of the phone without the user having to launch the Facebook app. It works like a home screen display image but is a live application service that constantly syncs up with the users Facebook profile to give the user blow-by-blow info about everything going on in Facebook – status updates, messages, likes, shares, wall posts and other info.

Home will feature on a select few Android devices and will then be rolled out to cover the remaining Android phones. HTC First, HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy 3 and 4 are the initial set of Android phones that will feature this interface. HTC First has been designed around Facebook Home, after extensive collaboration between the Taiwanese company and the social network. Users of the listed handsets will have to run the latest versions of Facebook’s Android app to be able to launch Home on their devices.

Social Network buffs will have a blast with a Facebook round the clock! Those less inclined to social networking may not be as comfortable with the network constantly accessing the phone. There have been a substantial number of Home downloads since its launch proving that users are both curious and delighted about the new Facebook Suite!


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