Facebook Home Privacy Concerns Answered

One of the concerns people always have with Facebook is the way privacy is being handled. With the new Facebook Home about to become widely available people are now wondering how the company is handling privacy concerns over this new app. The company has recently published a press release that answers most of the questions people are asking.

Here’s a brief summary of what we have learned.

  • You can use Facebook even if you don’t have Home installed. If however you would like to experience Home then you would have to get it from Google Play or purchase an Android device that has the app pre-installed.
  • Just like any app that you can download over at Google Play you can choose to use or turn off Home. If you like Home but don’t want it to appear on the lock screen you have the option to do this as well.
  • Facebook home collects certain information that is stored in your device. This includes your Facebook activity, location, Facebook messages as well as the apps that are in your Home app launcher. This information is stored for 90 days is used to improve the service.
  • Facebook Home location is no different from that of the regular Facebook app. You still have control over the location settings of your device.
  • Facebook Home does not collect any information on non-Facebook applications. The app may know that you have launched a certain app from the app launcher but that’s as far as the information it can get. It will not know what activity you are doing within the launched app itself.
  • The data that is collected through Facebook Home is covered by the company’s Data Use Policy.

This just about covers all of the points the company has discussed on privacy concerns on their latest app.

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