Facebook Home Pre-Release Leaked, Gets Disabled

The new Facebook Home app is still scheduled for release this coming April 12 however a leaked pre-release version has already surfaced. The files were taken from the still to be released HTC First ROM and since it is still in its pre-release version the app has a few bugs here and there.

While some people were able to get the app working on their device they reported that some features were still not working such as Chat Heads for example.

The leaked app will only work on devices that meet its requirements. You will need an Android device that has a maximum resolution of 1280×768 and a way to completely uninstall your existing Facebook app. You need to uninstall your existing Facebook app since the leaked app is completely re-signed and won’t work if there is an existing Facebook app in your device. Some devices that have Facebook built-in on their ROM will have a difficult time installing the leaked app however it can be done as long as your device is rooted.

The leaked .apk contains 3 files. These are the main Facebook app (katana), sms messenger app (orca), and the Home launcher app (home).

Paul O’Brien from MoDaCo was the one who provided the leak which some people were able to test out.

Facebook however has shut down the app remotely. Those who were able to install and use the app are now reporting that all they see is a black background and their profile photo.

Despite the fact that the leaked app doesn’t work anymore you won’t have to wait that long to test it out as it will soon become available at Google Play. The Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 2, HTC One, and HTC One X+ are confirmed to be able to use this app. The app will also be released in Canada a few weeks after its U.S. debut.

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