Facebook Home passes 500,000 installations in one week

Facebook Home

Facebook Home, the Android launcher, has passed 500,000 installation in under a week, although the negative reviews continue to pour in on the Google Play store.

Facebook released Home on April 12 to the US and on April 16 worldwide, while it still works on only six devices, it has accumulated a lot of ground in under a week and will gain a lot more when it becomes available to every Android device.

In comparison to other Facebook and Facebook owned apps, the main Facebook app for Android has between 100 million and 500 million downloads and Instagram hit 1 million in under a day.

Facebook Home has received a pretty bitter response by the Android users, with 5,617 of the total 10,905 reviews hitting the one star. It is quite bemusing how many people believe this launcher is completely and utterly useless, of course we cannot base how good Facebook Home is on the audience of Android.

In our hands on with Facebook Home, we found the launcher to be one of Facebook’s best movements in the mobile world in terms of design – it has impressive speeds, Chat Heads is a clever tool and it makes the user more connected with Facebook.

We can see the downsides of this launcher as well though, for users who do not use Facebook a lot, Cover Feed may get annoying and for users who enjoy a natural Android experience, they may hate the way Facebook redesigns the phone.

The problem is for a one star review to be taken seriously the launcher would have to lack any design, any performance and any real initiative – it would have to be a pointless app and an ugly app, which it is not.

We will continue to see Facebook Home used and probably continue to see it negatively reviewed, but realistically Facebook shouldn’t take these maniac reviews to heart.

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