Facebook hires Apple maps executive to lead mobile devision


Facebook has reeled in yet another Apple executive, the executive that they have nabbed worked on Apple maps. The executive in question is Richard Williamson who managed Apples effort to create a maps app to rival Googles own a widespread app. Williamson joined the Facebook team in the past few weeks to manage their ever growing mobile-software groups, Williamson’s notable accolades include working for Apple for just over a decade; during his time at Apple he was one of the engineers that worked on the originals iPhones software.

Later in Williamson’s career he was in charge of leading the change from Google’s mapping service to Apple’s own, Richard Williamson was fired from Apple in November last year as part of a management shake up after Apple’s mapping service received much negative criticism. The criticisms include; misguided directions and inaccurate landmark locations, which if you as me are pretty big flaws in a mapping service.

It is not rare occurrence for Apple executives to transfer over to the social network giant, several members of the iPhone software group; Mark Zuckerberg welcomes these ex-Apple execs with open arms because he is focusing on reaching users through mobile. The mobile push is evident from the multiple Facebook apps on the iPhone and the recently released Facebook home, the list of Apple execs include the following; Scott Goodson, Tim Omernick, Chris Tremblay (All software engineers), Kimon Tsinteris, Mike Matas (Both software designers) and Greg Novick a former iPhone manager.

The timing of Richard Williamson starting work at Facebook is an interesting one, at this current time Apple stock are $400.92 per share which fell 5.94%, where as Facebooks stocks are at $26.50 per share which fell 1.23% today. The computing giant made which hit major success at the release of the iPod and Macintosh’s is facing a tough time on the stock exchange, made even tougher because there old executives have been snapped up by a Facebook looking to expand there mobile devision and apparently money is no option.

Source – Bloomberg 

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