Facebook gobbles up Google’s JellyBean!

Facebook mania is hitting Android and hard! For those of you who love the social networking site and spend all of your time there, Home is a dream come true, but for those sick of Facebook, buckle up, there’s a lot of Facebook, In your face! The social networking giant is now a power click away. Once you unlock your Android phones, there a blast of Facebook blue right until you manage to escape the program and hit your other Android apps. Facebook Fest or Facebook infestation?

fb2The social network unveiled a new user interface than is a combination of apps and interfaces and takes over your phone’s lock screen, wallpaper and home screen! Home offers you a host of photos, status updates and shared links in addition to other profile content from Facebook. Home also offers an app launcher that tracks and bookmarks the apps you use most frequently as well as what Facebook calls a “chat head” that does not disappear unless you specifically hide it or respond to a chat message.

Facebook has unveiled the layer on Android first, since it is an open-source, free operating system and the social network doesn’t have to deal with Google authorities to get them going. While this layer is extremely worrying for Google, given that Facebook will soon take over Android, there is still the possibility that Facebook buffs will ditch iPhones for an Android that runs Home. It all depends on Facebook Fatigue and how many users are still willing to spend all their time on the social network, constantly updated about activities there.
Google is going to keep a hawk’s eye on Facebook!


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