Facebook encourages female engineers


If you are in the tech industry, you would know very well that there are very less number of female engineers in the industry. There are a lot of female post graduates or masters coming out of universities, but a very small part of them are from the Computer Science branch. And this is a problem for the industry, according to the leaders in the field. There are many organizations across the world which are working on empowering women. And at Facebook, it is a part of the company’s recruitment strategy.

Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer and Director of Engineering Jocelyn Goldfein spoke at the She++ conference yesterday. These two people from the social networking giant have been working on this. They say that they have aggressive strategies to recruit female engineers to their company to join their “deep bench”.

“When you look at the numbers of CS majors that are graduating—where are we going to get more from?” Goldfein tells. “The fact that women are such a small percentage of CS majors when they’re such a large percentage of undergraduates is kind of the missing link. And it’s really obvious when you think about it.”

“The numbers are a challenge,” Schroepfer explains. “There are just fewer women graduating and fewer women in the industry. So I think there’s just a smaller pool of people and I think, because of that, if Facebook had gender parity, then everyone else in the industry wouldn’t, just statistically. So our first problem is not a Facebook problem, it’s an industry problem.”

“We put a lot of energy into trying to find more women, because fundamentally for us it’s an applicant pool problem,” Goldfein says. “When women interview with us, we want to hire them and they want to work for us. Those numbers are great. The trouble is, there are just very few women we can find in the candidate pool.”

Source: Tech Crunch

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