Facebook confirms its $300M open-source data center in Iowa

Facebook data center

The latest in entry into Facebook’s property portfolio is a brand spanking new open-source data center to be built in Altoona, Iowa. The state is filled with other world-renowned tech companies, from major data centers to innovative startups they all call Iowa home. It does help Facebook a bit that the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board have approved an $18 million tax break for the social network goliath, providing that the company creates just 31 jobs in the area. Other specific financial incentives from the city of Altoona have not been disclosed.

The Facebook-led Open Compute Project, open sources its super efficient server and data center design so that a wide plethora of different of technologists, manufactures and software companies can use the service to try and improve upon them. Some of Facebook’s Open Compute Projects report their real time efficiency metrics. Facebook’s Infrastructure chief Jay Parikh said “Altoona will be our fourth owned and operated data center, and our third in the United States.”

Jay Parikh also wrote “The facility will feature the same Open Compute Project server designs and innovative outdoor-air cooling system that our others do, but it will also incorporate evolutionary improvements to the building design, networking architecture, and more. When complete, Altoona will be among the most advanced and energy efficient facilities of its kind.”

Facebook Iowa data center
This is a Computer-aided design (CAD) of what the new data center will look like.

Source – VentureBeat