Facebook charging users to message celebrities and people outside your friends list!

Facebook is going nuts with all the changes it is bringing to the interface – The news feed, Graph, hash tagging, VoIP and a dozen other new interfaces and features! Even the most avid Facebook user is left a little behind in trying to catch up with the social network and its numerous enhancements!

fb2The latest in Facebook’s huge enhancement lineup is that users will soon have to shell out cash if they want to contact people outside of their friends list and celebrities. The network is currently testing the option to pay to message celebrities in Britain and is charging an extravagant fee of about 10 pounds in to contact users not in your friends list! The fee or payment is not fixed and will vary according to the popularity of the user you intend to message. Interesting figures are music artist Snoop Dogg a.k.a Snoop Lion’s profile at a 10.08 pound worth and Tom Daley, Olympic Diver’s profile commanding a 10.68 pound amount.

The intention behind this move is to ensure that an unknown user’s message lands up in the celebrity’s inbox rather than “Other” folder and the celebrities for their part receive messages from users genuinely interested in contacting them and not a flood of messages from fans and followers! The concept has been extended from the original idea that allows users to message founder Mark Zuckerberg for an absurd $100 dollars. Your message will find its way to Zuckerberg’s inbox rather than the “Other folder”.

The concept is still in its testing stage and has so far hit only Britain which will soon be followed by American users being required to pay a fee to contact celebrities!


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