Facebook can read your private messages via new tool that filters for pornography

fb2Private messages not so private? Yes. In the digital world nothing is private. Not even your ultra safe private message setting to prevent unauthorized users accessing content. Reports from Facebook confirm that your private messages are read by a team of employees under certain circumstances. The network runs an automated tool that reads private messages to detect and prevent child pornography and harmful URLs and links. The algorithm makes the tool read messages and raises an alarm if a potentially dangerous message is detected. The team then jumps in to examine the messages for alarming content.

If there is a hint or tinge of pornography against children or redirections to malicious links, the team intimates the law enforcement agency. There is a raging debate about whether or not this technique is worth the sacrifice in privacy to prevent child abuse and other kinds of dangerous occurrences. It is a violation of people’s privacy but is also essential to track online behavior so that no untoward incidents occur. Especially with child abuse rampant with the internet.

Facebook is taking strict measures to detect and put a halt to child pornography, so that malicious users cannot use the social networking site to tempt pre teens and other children into revealing inappropriate pictures and videos of themselves or friends. The alarming part however is that a tool reads every member’s private message. Only flagged messages are in danger of being read by strangers, otherwise messages are pretty much left to the tool, a small comfort for those going ballistic over the latest news report about Facebook!

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