Eye Tribe Demonstrates How To Play Fruit Ninja Using Your Eyes

eye tribe

Eye Tribe, a known developer of eye-tracking programs for Android devices, just displayed the amazing things that the eye control technology can provide in a recent demo which took place last April 17. The company also revealed in the Demo Mobile conference held in San Francisco, California that it is about to release an SDK (software development kit) for games and apps. Their targeted date for the SDK release will be June this year according to reports from Engadget and CNET.

In the demo, Eye Tribe showed the amazing things that their eye control software can bring. Bridget Carey of CNET was in for a treat when she tested a device that is equipped with the software. She was able to scroll the display without even physically touching the screen. She only used her eyes in navigating it. Then, she was able to unlock the home screen just by sliding her eyes.

What’s more, she was able to play Fruit Ninja with just her eyes slashing the fruit. I just can’t imagine though how she was able to avoid the bombs that were popping up randomly in the game.

The innovation from Eye Tribe is definitely the real thing because it completely relies on the movement of the eyes (particularly the pupils) and not by any other physical means. It is different from the so-called “eye-tracking” program that the Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts.

The feature which the Korea-based company called “eye-tracking” actually depended on face movement while their Smart Scroll feature relied on tilting the unit from one side to another. So, technically, there is no eye control feature in the recent product of Samsung. They should have called it face control instead.

If you are planning on getting the software for eye control, there are a few considerations that you should think about first. To be able to fully utilize the program in your mobile device, you should put the required hardware add-ons like infrared sensors.

Eye Tribe ensured users though that the hardware requirements will not drain their pockets. This is to offer them an affordable way to enjoy the eye-tracking feature. The customer-friendly price will let developers integrate their software in Smartphones, PCs, laptops, tablets and other computing device too without putting much of the burden on the consumers’ pockets.

The press release of Demo Mobile and experts in the tech sector praised the achievement of the Danish company in their eye control software. According to them, this is a preview of the many other benefits that the technology can provide to computer users. This will enable safe log-in using the eyes, auto-navigation, eye-enhanced gaming, user agreement analytics and more.

About Eye Tribe

Eye tribe specializes in providing products that rely on eye control. The company was established by four former students under the PhD program of the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. They established their capital amounting to $1 million from private investors in Europe. Currently, they are handling a $4.4 million project which is funded by the government for the development of eye control technology for mobile devices.

Sources: Engadget and CNET