Eric Schmidt says Google Glass consumer version about a year away


Google has been relatively quiet when it comes to consumer versions of Google Glass, never getting into specifics about dates and always testing the product out to see if it can break into markets.

Currently, the Explorer edition of Google Glass is just starting to rollout to early developers and lucky winners of the #ifihadglass competition. These products are testers and will not be the final product, although they give the user a lot of insight into Glass.

Google has a lot of restrictions currently surrounding Glass, including not allowing anyone to sell or borrow Glass to a friend and not allowing developers to add advertisements on apps, amongst other rules.

Eric Schmidt, Google ex-CEO and now Chairman has said in an interview for BBC Radio 4 “World at One” show the Google Glass consumer version is about a year away, give or take.

This would be further behind than Sergey Brin’s estimate, the co-founder said Google could be selling the product before 2014, if they get everything right. Perhaps this is a more conservative estimate, given Schmidt does a lot of work outside the company now.

Whatever the case, Google Glass is still very much in a developer stage and for a new product it may take some time for apps to appear. It is not good enough to just have Maps and Google Now on the device, it needs that core ecosystem both Android and iOS have.

Google is also currently working to make sure they can make Glass an affordable product, unlike Apple, Mountain View believes in making a product for the right amount, not for $300 profit per unit.

The end price and end details are unknown, we may see Google Glass come for as much as under $500 with no carrier contracts. The end product may be a little less adventurous in the design too and may come with lenses for people who wear glasses.