Epic Pirates Story Android Game Review

No, this isn’t a game developed by Kairosoft which most people mistake it for because of the Story tag on its title. Epic Pirates Story is in fact created by a Bulgarian based studio called Epic Devs. This game is inspired by Kairosoft titles such as Epic Astro Story and Grand Prix Story.

epic pirates story

Epic Pirates Story can now be downloaded over at Google Play for $ 1.27 or if you’re short on cash you can get the free lite version. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.2 as well as a storage space of 25 MB.

The game is all about pirates as you explore the waters of the Caribbean in search of an evil pirate king called Duke A. Blizzardo. You are seeking revenge against this nasty character as he is the one who took your father away. You will have to form your own crew to accompany you in your search for this pirate king. Your ultimate goal will be to take his place as the new pirate king.

At the beginning of the game you start out with your own tiny island. Here you have to prepare everything that’s necessary to help you in your mission.

There’s going to be lots of obstacles in your journey such as battling it out with mermaids, barracudas, strange undead, monkeys, Indians and other pirates.  You will need to research technology to build powerful weapons. You will need to construct various buildings and host events to prepare yourself for the mission.

According to the developers “This is the first game from the studio Epic Devs. We hope you enjoy your stay in our game and savour the awesome pixel art, which will remind you of the unique Kairosoft games and their artwork.” If you love playing the titles of Kairosoft then you might want to check out this game by Epic Devs.