Energetic Energies Exhibition: Revolutionizing The Placement Of Solar Panels

energetic energies

Panasonic has announced the opening of its Energetic Energies concept installation at the Milano Salone Del Mobile, the largest and most influential design competition, that will reexamine the way solar panels are deployed to provide a more efficient way of powering cities and states.

A report on WebWire said that the installation will be designed by Japan’s Akihisa Hirata, the same one who designed Panasonic’s photosynthesis exhibition last year. This is the sixth year that Panasonic will be participating in the design competition.

What Hirata did was to create a 30-meter long energy landscape that leads into the hallway of the University of Milan. He positioned the panels in a three-dimensional structure unlike most designers who let their panels face the same way.

Hirata said that the move will enable the panels to catch the sun’s sunlight even if it faces the east or the west. He maintained that the sun orbits from east to west depending on how the earth changes, so it is important for the panels are able to catch the sun’s energy.

According to Inhabitat, the Japanese designer also used miniature panels instead of large ones we usually see inside buildings. This is because it is easier to manipulate the panels when they are smaller in size.

With the help of his team, Hirata arranged the panels in such a way that it would make the hallway look like it was dotted with flora-covered hills. In effect, the whole installation design remained true to the concept of nature infused with technology.

To make the installation, Hirata used transparent cubes to represent the buildings in a city. He then surrounded these cubes with 6,000 mini solar panels that cascade down the floor. The effect is that when one views the installation, the person can see how cities can look in the future—a fusion of natural energy that can coexist with technology.

A Peek into the Future

The Energetic Energies concept art installation lets us look into the future when solar panels will be placed on top of buildings, houses, government offices and commercial edifices. Today is the time to develop such kinds of technology because we are both realizing the importance of alternative energy and the skills and talents of technology developers.

Hirata said that there will soon come a time when panels are going to change the landscape of cities, residential areas, large commercial structures and even provinces. But as early as now, Panasonic would want to develop a technology that will take into account its relationship with nature. Hirata realized that these two would have to coexist with each other in order to create a modern city with efficient natural energy.

With the opening of the Energetic Energies, Panasonic hopes to highlight the importance of the way solar panels are being deployed. Once people start to realize that the simple positioning of panels is instrumental to the development of this technology, then the promise of this innovative concept in the future will further warrant attention.

Sources: Inhabitat, Earth Techling and ITnews

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