Enable HDR & Grid Mode for iPhone Front Camera

Front HDREver thought of using HDR and Grid Mode for the front facing camera on iPhone? Well you can now practically enable the HDR mode on the front camera and enhance the picture quality. Ever since Apple released iOS4, not a single new feature has been introduced for the front camera. Although many tweaks has been made for the rear camera which is used as the primary camera on every iPhone, the front facing camera remains the same with no options but just a single capturing button.


Cydia store now has a tweak ‘Front HDR’ which brings HDR mode to the front camera. This tweak also adds Panorama and Grid options but unfortunately Panorama feature do not work as of now. Once the tweak is installed from the Cydia store, it automatically appears on the front camera app without needing to set up things individually. After installing, you will see ‘Options’ menu which will allow you to turn on the Grid and HDR.


There are two flaws in the app which should be removed by the developers. When you try to switch to the rear camera while the HDR mode is enabled on the front camera, Camera app freezes. Secondly the non-HDR photos which are saved along with the HDR photos are distorted so you need to toggle off ‘Keep Normal Photo’ under ‘Photos & Camera settings.


Front HDR is available for free on the Cydia store and is supported on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch running iOS6 or higher.



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