Elevator To Space Considered By Obayashi Corp For 2050

elevator to space

Your dream of being an astronaut or seeing the universe up close may finally come true once a project on elevator to space pushes through, a report by Inhabitat said.

For years, scientists have been trying to figure out a way to send spacecrafts, astronauts and satellites into the space without the hassle of shuttles and spaceships. Now, Japan’s Obayashi Corporation is taking a step further by planning to build an elevator to space that will transport tourists 20,000 miles above the Earth’s surface.

They plan to build the elevator by 2050, which means your kids and grandchildren might still be able to see this come into fruition. Currently, the project is still on the planning stage, the report said. It added that the plan involves establishing a spaceport on the surface of the planet. Then, there will be a space station about 22,000 miles above the said spaceport. The two space offices will be connected by a cable (possibly made from carbon nanotubes).

The company would need to find a material that is both strong and lightweight, so reports said they are also looking into some alternative cables since there has been a lot of breakthroughs in that department.

A Trip to Outer Space?

Are you ready for a trip of a lifetime? The Obayashi Corporation aims to take about 30 passengers into space. The elevator would travel at a speed of 125 miles an hour. Still, it will take the traveler eight days to reach space and see the cosmic beauty of the universe with his/her own eyes. Is it worth it?

Of course, the elevator would basically be like a mini hotel minus the receptionist, the concierge and the chambermaid (for the meantime). According to Inhabitat, the elevator will have living quarters and lavatories, making a visit to outer space the ultimate “road trip.” By the fifth day, tourists can expect zero gravity, which probably means you are about to exit Earth. However, can you really stay in an elevator for eight days with a bunch of people you don’t know?

The idea sounds fine. That is, if you can travel with your friends or loved ones and if all ordinary and regular people would be able to afford this particular ticket to space. The project will apparently cost $9.5 billion, bigger than the annual income of some developing nations. With that kind of investment, how much do you think it would cost for a space tourist like you to see the universe with your own eyes? It would probably be so expensive only a handful of people would be able to afford it.

With that in mind, will this elevator to space also offer seat sales and promotions? It might be such an impossible feat for now, but come to think of it: we have never imagined most of the technology we now enjoy. An elevator that can travel to space is another project we should watch closely. And maybe by 2050, we would be shocked by how easy it is to travel to space.

Source: Inhabitat

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