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Electric Slide, a presentation sharing app

Electric Slide

If you are a person who is giving presentations a lot and you have to make out time for this from your busy everyday schedule and often have to travel to far away lands, then here is one good solution for all your worries, the Electric Slide app. The name has nothing to do with what the app is about, strangely. The Electric Slide app is a presentation sharing app which will help you share a presentation or a word document, or a PDF document with people who have to be present in your presentation.

This can done remotely, which means that your audience can be anywhere on the planet with an internet connection, and they can still join the presentation. All they need to have is an internet connection and a web browser. All you have to do is upload all your files to the Electric Slide servers and then ask your participants to log in to the presentation. Once this is done, you are good to go. Any page changes you do in the presentation will be almost instantaneous in their browsers as well.

But the free version has some limitations. You can have only up to five participants in a presentation, and the presentation cannot be for more than 90 minutes. Also, you will get only 50 MB of online storage for all your files. But if you want more, which you will mostly, then you will have to go for a premium plan. TUAW writes, “For US$26.99, you get 3 months of service, which includes 1 GB of storage, up to 50 viewers, and no length restrictions on meetings. A six-month plan is $48.99, and an annual plan will set you back $79.99.” That is quite affordable.

The Electric Slide service has an iOS app as well, which you can use on your iPhone or your iPad. And one of the most serious drawbacks of the service is that there is no voice call feature of any kind. So once you are ready to share the presentation with the participants, you are on your own to arrange for a conference call of some type. This is a bit uncomfortable, but eventually the feature may come to the service.

Source: TUAW

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