Durango unveiling most likely on May 21st this year!

The new XBOX codenamed “Durango” has been talked about through and through. Microsoft is finally putting the rumors to rest with the launch of its new generation XBOX on May 21st this year. Originally slated for April 24th, the event has been rescheduled to May for reasons unknown. The event will not be a huge show like the one Samsung Galaxy S4 recently had but will be a small scale unveiling of the Durango, officially christened a descendant of the XBOX 360. The actual device however will hit shelves only around November, a nice Christmas gift for XBOX lovers and the gaming population!

dura2The new XBOX will apparently require the internet connection to always be “on”. What in the device exactly requires a 24X7 net connection is something of a mystery ,the “X” factor, and Microsoft is keeping the features of the new offering a closely guarded secret. The XBOX however is likely to be quite expensive, $500 for the console and $300 for a subscription based model of the XBOX. The new generation product will probably not be compatible with XBOX 360 games, but this is still rumor and nothing is concrete or verified. The internet connection requirement seems firmly founded in fact and also caused a bit of a stir when a creative director with Microsoft Studio made the controversial comment “deal with it”, about the always on internet connection.

May 21st will reveal eagerly anticipated feature information about the “Durango”, put to rest internet connection rumors and will have gamers super excited to have a go on the new XBOX from Microsoft!


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