Diversity of Game Platforms

There are many game platforms for android operation system today, where people download games, interact with friends, entertain in the community, and compete with others. All is dazzling. But many people feel that it is really a headache to choose a platform to play a certain game, because one game may appear on different platforms with different versions.

I will skip the details of game platform’s various problems. Please allow me to introduce several game community platforms to you by comparing them in both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with Heyzap!

I feel that Heyzap is quite good when I met it at the first time. It lays stress on social interaction and highlights the concept of community. Players can communicate with their friends when playing the games. They will express their own views and opinions on a certain game, and then the opinions will arouse echoes among players. Players are able to entertain and express their views at the same time in the community, which players could hardly feel in other games.
Except for the social aspect, Heyzap did quite well in details, such as the showing of personal information, friend recommendation and interaction, and the system of itself. In addition, it also has the collecting function of mobile games. It can draw the games in players’ mobiles into the tags of Heyzap.
Of course, Heyzap does have disadvantages. It emphasized too much on community and ignored the playability. So players may feel difficult to find a good game or a certain types of games in it. The other disadvantage of Heyzap is that the interaction among players is relatively simple.

Speaking of interaction among players, I have to introduce another game platform — HiJoy. HiJoy is a game platform for android devices, which focuses on player-versus-player battle system. There are many classic multiplayer games on this platform. HiJoy emphasizes on the interaction and competition among players. People can enjoy themselves in the PK with other players.

HiJoy did very well in handling the VS system and optimizing the details. Players will feel smooth to choose games and compete with friends. If you like casual games or cards casino games, you mustn’t miss it!
There are many kinds of games in HiJoy, such as multiplayer games, cards games, latest games and recommended games. When choosing games, players will feel easy to select the right one, because the arrangement of the games on this platform fits players’ habits and choosing ways. HiJoy has optimized the competing process of players’ competition. Players can choose one friend or several friends to play the same game together. The speed of matching players is so fast, so that players could begin to play games as quickly as possible.
Players can get many advanced power-ups for free in HiJoy. And also players can get scores by finishing certain quests, and then they can use scores to exchange kinds of items.
HiJoy is really a good game platform. It is worth a download and your time.

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