Digg ready to bring Google Reader replacement by June


We recently heard Digg wanted to grab a slice of Google Reader’s lost userbase. Google announced RSS feeder was closing on July 1st, surprising many faithful users of the RSS service.

However, Feedly, Reeder and other solutions have gained a lot of popularity in the past few weeks because of Google Reader closing. Digg may gain some of this user base as well, if they can get their new RSS reader out in time.

Betaworks Buyout 

Digg was bought by Betaworks a few months ago, after the company found themselves in bitter times. After previously turning down multi-million dollar offers from Google and other major companies, they settled for a poor $500,000.

The website was then redesigned and will now be developing a new RSS reader to make reading news easy. Currently, Digg is designed like a message board, with clutter many users will not want.

Paid RSS Service

Digg also announced out of the 8,600 responses to a survey sent out by the company, over 40% said they would be willing to pay for Digg’s reader replacement, if it worked well.

The company will also add some nifty sharing tools onto the reader and will develop mobile applications to go with the main web RSS reader. We expect the company to roll these out at different times.

Digg will have the first beta ready for launch in June, with a full release in July. Digg did say they would have their RSS ready for when Google decides to drop support for Reader.

Betaworks is doing a good job with these recent acquisitions, with Digg and Instapaper both companies with a lot of potential.

We believe Betaworks will progress Digg into the news curation center of the web, although in this day and age, it may be hard with an image board and RSS reader, two outdated ways of reading the news.

Source: The Next Web