Current Caller ID app from WhitePages has been updated to block messages and calls from pesky callers!

Android has implemented a new blocking feature using Caller ID from WhitePages in which users can block calls and messages from annoying individuals by sending caller to voice mail or pick up and hang up automatically to discourage insistent callers. We help you set this up on your android phone if you need to block a pest!

whi2If you do not have a copy of Caller ID by WhitePages, you will need to install a copy on your phone.

  • Launch the Caller ID app by tapping the stop sign icon with a hand over it.
  • Tap the hand on the app that displays a plus-sign icon towards the right hand corner at the top of the app.
  • To block a caller, select the recent caller or select all the numbers you want to block.
  • Once you are done, click the back button and then click the Settings button. You will see that block settings is the only option that comes up on the right hand corner of the screen, towards the top.
  • Configure the blocking method- this could be blocking all calls, or both calls and messages from a particular caller. You can have the call hit voicemail or simply have the phone receive and immediately hang up on the caller or receive alerts every time a message is blocked.

WhitePages has updated its app by incorporating features that users have often requested for. The company updated its Caller ID app to ensure that users will not be bothered by people they have no intention of communicating with.

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