Cops sell iPhones on the street to stop people from buying stolen iPhones

Stolen iPhones

The market for stolen iPhones in the Unites States is “profitable” according to some sources on the internet. And to stop people from buying stolen iPhones, the cops have started selling iPhones on the streets. They position themselves in areas where stolen goods are usually sold. They will be dressed in civilian clothes. And then they try to sell the iPhones.

They make it very clear that the iPhones they are selling are stolen. And if some passer by still wants to buy it, they make an arrest. And to make it look more natural, they are supposed to let the buyer offer a price for the stolen iPhone. And it is said that the offers range from $25 to $200.

This is the story of San Francisco. A similar attempt in underway in the New York City as well. But do you think the police will be able to stop this from happening for like ever?

Source: Gizmodo

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