Comcast encrypting basic cable now

Comcat set top box

If you are a Comcast customer, then here is some information for you. The company has announced that it will soon be encrypting its basic TV signals as well. This means that pretty soon you will have to get a set top box for your TV, or you may not be able to get TV signals to your TV using the direct cable connection.

The encryption that is going to be applied to the TV signals will have to be removed at the client end so that the TV sets can display the content. And the TV sets that we use are not equipped for all these tasks. Therefore, we will require a set top box to do this for the TV, and then send plain TV signals to the TV using a coaxial line so that the TV can display that video content.

Anyway, Comcast has announced that it will be supplying these set top boxes for free in some of the markets, and the free offer will be limited to two years only. After the two years, you will have to start paying. But if you already have a set top box provided by Comcast, you have nothing to worry about. Giga Om contacted Comcast about this, and the company is quoted to have said the following in an email back to Giga Om:

“We are beginning to proactively notify customers in select markets that we will begin to encrypt limited basic channels as now permitted by last year’s FCC B1 Encryption Order. While the vast majority of our customers won’t be impacted because they already have digital equipment connected to their TVs, we understand this will be a change for a small number of customers and will be making it as convenient as possible for them to get the digital equipment they may need to continue watching limited basic channels.”

Source: Giga Om

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