CloudOn’s Office Suite, a new discovery and a fine alternative to Microsoft Office Suite!

cloud2While Microsoft has revealed plans to launch Office for Android and iOS only in the Fall of October 2014, Apple has gone ahead and made its own arrangements to replace the app with CloudOn’s Office suite. Those waiting for Microsoft’s version will be in for a pleasant surprise with CloudOn’s offering. Microsoft suggested to users that they use its SkyDrive app in the absence of Office. SkyDrive does not fit the bill since it only allows users to view their documents and not edit them.

CloudOn’s Office offers users all the benefits that Microsoft Office does. This includes viewing and editing Presentations, word documents and excels spreadsheets; the more commonly used features from the suite. Android and iOS users no longer have to wait till the last quarter of 2014 to avail these services; the app is present on the Play Store as well as the iOS store.

Microsoft’s suggestion that users can use SkyDrive does not go unheeded. CloudOn’s suite can sync with DropBox, GoogleDrive as well as SkyDrive across phones and tablets. Users can edit, view, backup, store and sync their presentations and documents on any of these online stores using CloudOn’s Office Suite.

There is only one small drawback to this alternative to Microsoft’s Office and that is the space document or presentation shrinks when a user moves to the editor segue mode making it hard to actually view the file you are editing since the Ribbon and keyboard take up most of the space. Still, this Suite is very usable and a good alternate to Microsoft’s Office Suite that will hit Android and iOS stores only next year.


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