Cincinnati Bell Throttles Wireless Mobile Data When Roaming

If you’re on the Cincinnati Bell network and you use your mobile data while roaming you might get a little surprise. This was discovered by a member of the broadbandreports forum as he went on vacation and used his mobile data. He was able to make a Skype call, upload a couple of photos and visit a few websites when he got a text message sent by his carrier that said “Due to your high roaming data usage your speeds will be reduced while roaming until your next billing period.” He claims that this wasn’t even a full 24 hours into his trip.

A quick call to customer support didn’t give any concrete reasons as to why this has happened. The different customer service representatives he was able to talk to provided him with different reasons as to why his mobile data is being throttled. One rep said that if more than 20% of data was used when roaming the account will immediately be throttled. Another said that he had already used more than 100 MB of data while roaming. Yet another rep said that the account will immediately be throttled after using more than 50 MB of roaming mobile data.

So what really is the reason for this? We’ve searched for the terms and conditions of wireless mobile data usage when roaming of the carrier and here’s what we found out.

“Eighty Percent(80%) of all data usage must be within the eligible Cincinnati Bell Wireless Local Service Area and Cincinnati Bell may, at its discretion, suspend or restrict an account, without notice, if data roaming is greater than twenty percent(20%) of a subscriber’s total monthly data usage (as measured on a quarterly basis). International Data usage may be measured more frequently. In addition, if total roaming data usage exceeds 50 MB during a billing period, a subscriber’s speeds may be reduced until the subscriber returns to the Cincinnati Bell Wireless Local Service Area, provided the subscriber’s total data usage has not exceeded 2GB for the billing period.”

The next time you go on vacation and want to go online it’s best if you can find a Wi-Fi connection and use it instead of your mobile data.

via broadbandreports

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