Christening of the new Windows

win2The new Blue Operating System that Microsoft has been working on has been officially christened to Windows 8.1, according to sources. The client version of Blue is expected to be released sometime in August this year and will be part of Microsoft’s Windows 8 basket rather than new version, Windows 9.
The Blue update for RT will be named Windows RT 8.1 like Windows 8.1 has replaced the original title, Blue.

Users meanwhile have received no intimation from the company whether existing customers on Windows 8 and Windows RT will be charged for Windows 8.1. For those wondering why Blue is not being released as Windows 9, Microsoft has an explanation – The company is trying to prove to customers its consistent dedication to quality and innovation and stretch Windows 8 to more than a single release spark or a flash in the pan. The company believes that Windows 8 is here to stay across multiple seasons rather than a one season success. Blue will hence be capped under the Window 8 umbrella rather than a Windows 9 release, extending the Windows 8 line to another couple of seasons before Microsoft edges Windows 8 out to bring in Windows 9.

With Blue being renamed Windows 8.1, users can expect more updates and enhancements from Microsoft to named after the original 8 OS, along the lines of 8.X. Although sources are positive that Blue has been named Windows 8.1, there is no word from Microsoft itself. Lot of exciting new updates from Microsoft!


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