in , A new HTML5-based messenger

chorus.imMessaging apps are growing but the same old features make them so boring. Many users today prefer to use these messaging apps like Whatsapp and WeChat for daily messaging instead of carrier-bound SMS service. Chorus is a newcomer in the messaging apps world which is a HTML5-based chat service which works within your browser.  It works on any device with a browser and the users do not need to download the app.


The team behind have tried to push the messaging service to a whole new level by coming up with a browser-centric messenger which will surely bring the messaging freaks together on a similar platform. Setting up Chorus,im is very easy, the users can sign up using their email or link their Facebook or Gmail account to the service. You can then invite your friends or family via email or phone number and start the conversation right away! It can also save your offline conversations over the cloud.


When you use on a desktop browser, you get notifications on the bottom right corner but this feature is not yet available on the mobile browser as HTML5doesn’t yet offer push messaging capabilities.

The Chorus team has also released the app for iOS and Android devices which will support the push notifications but once the mobile browsers start offering push services, there will be no need for an will surely face a lot of competition from the top messaging apps like Whatsapp which is popular all around the globe but I think the disposable messaging service has a bright future.



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