Checking Maps on your phone while driving is illegal in California


While driving cars, or any other vehicle, you need to have your attention on the road,  you know, for a safe journey. But then we are so addicted to technology and gadgets that we just cannot live without them even when we are driving. This is why we use so our smart phones while driving and call or text message or tweet or do other sorts of stuff on our smart phones. This is dangerous for us and for others on the road as well. So some things are banned, or declared as illegal while driving cars. And if you are caught doing any of those things, you will be fined.

The list of such things includes talking on the phone and texting, and now also includes using a mapingg service on your smart phone. Yes, the Court of California has ruled that using mapping services or maps of any kind on your smart phone while driving as illegal. This makes not too much sense at first, but if you look at it, it does. The ruling should have been made to stop people from stop using their smart phones while driving in any way possible.

The ruling just says that using maps on your smart phone while driving leads to distracted driving. But this is only if you are holding your smart phone in your hand. You can mount your smart phone to the dash board of your car and use it to check your maps. This is still legal and makes using the mapping services even more easier than holding your smart phone in your hand. Tech Dirt writes:

The driver had argued that the laws are about talking on a phone and/or texting/surfing the internet, but that clearly using a mapping program should be allowed. The court disagreed, even as it acknowledged some of the oddities of what that meant, and said it’s really the job of the state lawmakers to figure out what they want to do.

Source: Tech Dirt

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